How Corporate Culture affects the creative process – insights by commercial photographer

Florida Commercial Photographer, George Contorakes was contacted by an agency to do a series of 3 testimonial photos for a very well known credit card company. The photos were to reflect the lifestyles of the individuals and how the credit card afforded them the convenience and ease with which to pursue their interest.

Below are insights as to what evolved:

My goal was to portray the individuals in a setting that reflected their passions and interest.

One individual was a very elegant lady that was rather well to do. In contrast to her upscale lifestyle here passion was the ocean, in particular, fishing and she captained here own 50’ vessel!

Perfect! I thought. Photograph her at the helm with the wind in face and the glory of the ocean and sky as a backdop.

However, the powers that be had a different approach….the corporate office wanted her standing next to her grand piano in an elegant evening dress. I was somewhat disappointed in this approach in that I felt it did not reflect her passions or personality. Sometimes creative vision is superceded by corporate good intentions. Oh well.

Many photos get diluted by good intentions and a desire to communicate too much in one photo instead of zeroing in on a specific concept.

Another example which I have experienced is with my hospitality/resort clients.

This is the direction: Let’s do a dining shot that conveys the dining experience, but….

  • let’s show the entire restaurant
  • the exterior view
  • the staff

When it is all said and done the dining experience shared by the couple is no longer visible. Perhaps a photo of the dining couple with expressions that reflect their experience would have been a more suitable approach.

So to sum it up: “Alignment with the senior and organizational team needs to be congruent with what you are selling”

Thus, I found some tactful strategies on how to deal with corporate culture and helpful tips on what it takes to create a “leadership” oriented organization. I used to create a FUN, short video trivia quiz about this message.

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